Manoscopy is currently welcoming submissions. Read the guidelines below and then feel free to email Rohan with your ideas or enquiries:

Submission Guidelines

First and foremost, please read through the site to get a feel for our house style of writing and what has already been written about (although we do welcome reaction pieces to our current articles). We aim for all our content to be accessible to a wide audience, so if you are planning to use academic jargon please assume the reader has no prior knowledge. Both short and long articles (although no more than 4,000 words) are welcome. Our fields of interest are broad – films, books, personal experiences, psychology, etc. – as long as the piece links back to the exploration of masculinities, don’t hesitate to send it our way.

We particularly encourage writing from authors of ‘diverse’ backgrounds, be that ethnically and/or sexually. Our site it by no means limited only to writings by men, as we fully endorse and realise the history of the study of masculinities as rooted in female writers from the field of gender studies.

We are regrettably in no position to pay our writers, but we will promote both your work and social media/website as best we can.